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24 May
May 24
24th May 2019

7 Tips for Marketing your Book on a Budget   Create a website and/or blog. Getting an audience who is interested in other things you write is a good place to start, and then you can tag on book promos etc. to your blog posts. It also gives you a mailing list for targeted promos later on as your audience and subscribers grow (And if you're interested, you can view my main blog here). Make promo advert graphics and share them to your Facebook/Instagram stories. These always show at the...

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24 July
Jul 24
24th July 2018

Why read the Early Church Fathers? Maybe for some of you reading this, the question might better be phrased as: who are the Church Fathers? No doubt you will be familiar with some of their names: Augustine, Jerome, Clement, Ignatius, Polycarp, Justin Martyr et al. You may have even read portions or quotes by some of these men. But that still doesn't really explain to you who they are and why you should care, much less actually read any of their works. My new book deals with a selection of so...

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27 June
Jun 27
27th June 2018

If you are about to publish your book, but are unsure about which platform to use, have a read through this list of things I've learnt over the last six months or so. I initially published my book on Amazon CreateSpace as that's all I was familiar with at the time, but have since found many other platforms which can so similar. For the sake of this post, I am concentrating on CreateSpace vs IngramSpark as I have been looking into publishing my book through Ingram as well now. One of the best po...


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