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7 Tips for marketing your Book on a Budget

Posted by Luke J. Wilson on 24th May 2019 in Management & marketing | marketing,book sales,book marketing,twitter,budget,marketing on a budget
7 Tips for marketing your Book on a Budget   Create a website and/or blog. Getting an audience who is interested in other things you write is a good place to start, and then you can tag on book promos etc. to your blog posts. It also gives you a mailing list for targeted promos later on as your audience and subscribers grow (And if you're interested, you can view my main blog here). Make promo advert graphics and share them to your Facebook/Instagram stories. These always show at the top of people's feed and in Facebook Messenger and so get seen more often than regular posts. Join Facebook author promo groups. Join and share links to your sales f...

6 Simple Ways to Format and Publish Your eBook

Posted by Luke Wilson on 22nd June 2020 in Self-Publishing | ebook,publishing,kindle direct publishing,smashwords
...s where marketing comes in. This is a little out of the scope of this article, so feel free to read my 7 Tips for marketing your Book on a Budget as well. If you would like help with formatting your eBook so that it is valid and passes the publishing checks, please get in touch with me and we can work out a fair cost to help you with this....

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