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40 Days with the Fathers - Paperback


Take a journey through the first 400 years of Church History in only 40 days!

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Revised Edition includes: a chronological timeline of the Early Church texts, a map displaying where the New Testament and early texts were written and sent, plus a map of Ignatius’ journey to martyrdom in Rome. As a small added bonus, at the end of each chapter there is now a "Notes" section so you can jot down any thoughts you have whilst doing your daily reading.

Take a journey through the first 400 years of Church History in only 40 days!

Over the course of this reading plan you will read extracts and commentary on 23 different early Church texts from a selection of some of the most influential Church Fathers:

Didache, Diognetus, Polycarp, Ignatius, Justin Martyr, Cyprian, Athanasius, Cyril of Jerusalem, Ambrose of Milan, and Leo the Great.

These people who came before us, those great men of faith, many of whom suffered persecution and martyrdom to preserve the Church and Christ's mission, bridge the gap between the Bible and the present day. They fill the void we sometimes wonder about when we get to the end of reading Acts or the Epistles and think, “what happened next?” or “what happened to the Ephesian church after Paul left?” — well now you can read for yourself and see how God continued to grow His Church!



"I would like to thank Luke for bringing such important historical and spiritual works into the 21st century. This book is an important work, compiling formidable historic documents from some of the most profound church leaders. Luke’s sequential and bite-size reading portions measure out a palatable intake that even new scholars can easily swallow. His insights and textual interconnections are through and invaluable to the reader."

"If you ever wondered if there was more to the Bible, or felt as if something was missing from The Greatest Story Ever Told, then this daily guide is your hidden treasure! Wilson's writing style is contemporary and makes these epiphanies a breeze to comprehend. I recommend this book to anyone seeking more knowledge and clarity on Christianity."


About the Author

Luke has a BA (hons) in Biblical Studies and Theology and has been reading and studying the works of the Early Church Fathers for over five years. After being involved in various short-term missions to South Africa, he currently lives in Devon, England, where he co-founded WebBoss Ltd, a web development software company, with his dad, Kevin.

When not working, Luke writes frequently on his theological blog, That Ancient Faith, or spends time with his wife Lucy and his new daughter, Amelia.

To get in touch, or to find our more about Luke, visit:


Product Information
Shipping  UK and Europe
Condition  New
ISBN-13 Number  978-1789263848
Author  Luke J. Wilson
Publisher  Independent Publishing Network; 2nd edition
Genre  Religion
Format  Paperback
Release Date  2 July 2018
Number of Pages  408
Language  English
Dimensions  12.9 x 2.3 x 19.8 cm

Shipping: United Kingdom and Europe only

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